I’m Marina Joy, a twenty year old self taught visual artist, fashion blogger and jewelry designer from the US. I completed the Parsons x Teen Vogue online certificate program. (You can see my assignments and projects in the parsons section of my blog). I have a passion for art, fashion and beauty.

I’ve been interested in illustrating & creating since early childhood. I love to create realistic portraits, fantasy artwork and fashion illustrations. Some examples of my recent work can be found in the gallery section.

As a portrait artist, I strive to create art that is visually interesting, captures reflections and has many facets to the piece. Designs with a mixture of bright colors and shadows of surroundings give a diverse outlook on beauty of the human form. This point of view explores the balance between reality and fantasy, through the contrast of black/white and color.

I love to use a variety and experiment with new media in each project while keeping a consistent theme of ink/graphite, color pencils, markers and pastels. My process consists of layering a variety of mediums. The themes I use for inspiration are diverse, such as pop entertainment and asian culture. I’ve always admired the traditions, clothing, etc. of asian culture and my passion for film is what first inspired my work. Recreating familiar icons in a new light is something I love to explore.

I try to capture the personality of the person or pet I draw. I take a lot of pride in my work and attention to detail. Cinema, entertainment and different cultures also are a main source of inspiration for me. I love creating from my personal art desk. I post often on my social media accounts and blog (art, fashion & beauty).

I am also a self taught jeweler designer, all my pieces are original & handcrafted. My collection is called ‘Marina Joy Designs’.

If you would like to work with me in a creative project or event- please email me at prettylittleartistxo@gmail.com with the details and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Order at my exclusive etsy shop or via Paypal for custom portraits, art prints and jewelry.



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