Betty 🎀 & Veronica 👠 Style Challenge 

I am so excited for this post! It was so much fun to dress up as Betty Cooper & Veronica Lodge from Archie Comics! (Betty & Veronica is an on going comic book series dating back to 1942. They are “best friends and worst enemies.” These characters are also on the CW’s ‘Riverdale’ – my new favorite show). Both of these looks were DIY.
This is my entry for the recent Betty & Veronica Style Challenge- wish me luck!
See below for outfit details👇

UPDATE Can’t believe I won 3rd place! So happy 🎉😍❤️

The ‘Veronica‘ look was inspired by 1940’s/50’s’s pin up. I paired a striped off the shoulder tee with high rise black leggings and pumps. I added a red scarf (Amazon) w/ a pearl pin.
Hair: I rolled up the top section of my hair and pinned in place for the vintage Bumper Bangs. Then I curled the bottom of my hair and added a wide headband. This hairstyle was my favorite part ! I really felt in character. I also loved taking these photos at a local retro diner. It really brought me back to the past!
Now on to the ‘Betty‘ look. Her style is very sweet and girly. I was so happy when I found this cute pink fit-and-flare dress in my closet (forever21). I love the bow design on the back! I added a pearl necklace & earrings. Also, found this cute pink bow handbag.
Hair: this was such an easy yet cute hairstyle. I scooped my hair into a high ponytail and secured with elastic. Then added a large bow clip to recreate her famous hairdo.
This was so much fun! Hope you enjoyed these retro character looks as much as I did!
-XO Marina

🌸 Cherry Blossom Princess 🌸

Happy May everyone! My favorite part of Spring are the flowers blooming on every corner. This look was inspired by Asian Cherry Blossoms.
Wear: My beautiful mock neck floral dress is from Guess. I especially love the exaggerated bell sleeves, makes me feel like princess Mulan!
Makeup: I went with a natural light foundation with a warm pink eye, black cat eye liquid liner and a bright pink lip- for an extra pop of color! Lastly, I added two small pink blossom sticker beads outside of each eye.
Hair: I love this double braided updo so much! Just make two braids then bobby pin them together. For an extra dose of pretty, I added my pink flower crown headband.
Hope this post inspires you to soak up all the beauty that surrounds you this Spring!

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