My Pitch: Developing Fashion Marketing & PR Skills

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My Pitch

— As a recent high school graduate with a strong interest in fashion, styling and fashion editorials; I’m excited and interested in the position of teen vogue assistant intern. I have an eye for accessories and incorporating designs into a final look. The Parsons x Teen Vogue certificate program helped me become more knowledgeable in promoting a brand via social media, online marketing and editorial photography. I have skills in art, design and illustration which gives me the ability to create ideas for products, ads and posters. It will help generate consumer excitement for a new line of clothing or accessories. I also already have a following on social media with around 3,000 followers on Instagram: @prettylittleartist_ and my full fashion/art blog:

For a few years my handcrafted jewelry was sold in a retail boutique. The owner loved my jewelry designs and thought my pieces were unique. She believed that I’d have a great future ahead in the fashion world. Another inspiring moment was when fashion designer, Paolo Sebastian, viewed and commented on my illustration of one of his dresses on Instagram. He wrote, “beautiful work” and that he was “very honored”.

I would love to be hired for the Teen Vogue assistant summer internship position. This would be an amazing opportunity and learning experience for me.


Retail Marketing: developing fashion marketing & PR skills

Hi everyone! This assignment is retail marketing from the course “developing fashion marketing & PR skills.” 

I went to the boutique Ooh La La and really loved the natural bohemian theme within the store.

The pictures below are my favorite displays within the shop. The dark wood contrasting the bright printed colored clothing really caught my eye! The mixed decor pieces also give it a unique look, along with the way the name of the store is incorporated. The wood floors give a 70’s retro feel. I love the hippie vibes I get from this shop!

I realize now how important the layout of a store display is if you want to catch the customers eye! The displays should have a consistent theme throughout the store. I’ve also learned the placement of the decor must make it visually exciting.



Oriental Geisha Girl: Editorial photography 

  Hi Everyone! I Created my own Oriental Geisha inspired editorial photoshoot  based on my mood board on Pinterest. This was created for the parsons teen vogue assignment: Working in fashion media.
Mood board inspiration- China, Chinese New Year, Shanghai, red and black, floral prints, kimono, oriental, edgy, haute couture, cheongsam.

The link to my Pinterest board is
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Xoxo -Marina   


Marina Joy summer jewelry collection: 

Our Story

Creating jewelry has always been a passion of mine. Marina Joy’s jewelry is all about using colorful natural beads and stones. I draw my inspiration from the beautiful Long Island beaches. I want my customers to feel beautiful and one with nature. Each piece is handcrafted and created, so each one is unique. Each piece is individually designed and special like you. The jewelry can be worn on a day-to-day basis, or to add a pop of color to your outfit. I hope you enjoy wearing my pieces as much as I enjoy designing them!


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Production Standards: Fashion Production

Hi everyone. My assignment is Production Standards which is part of the course, Fashion Production. I decided to go to Macy’s for research and to discuss the different clothing sizes and which ones fit me. Usually, I am a size 4. I tried on many different clothing items and sizes. 
I picked out two dresses, the first was a Calvin Klein sweater dress in a size small. The second was a International concepts faux leather dress in a size small. The first dress fit perfectly on my waist and was a good length too. The second dress was very loose on my waist and in the shoulders. Both dresses were a size small but they fit very differently. This trial concludes that every designer has different sizing.
Clothing should be purchased depending on how you feel, not just by the number. I’m hoping there will be a change on how designers and stores size their clothing. It makes it very difficult to find a “perfect” fit for women today.