Production Costs: Fashion Production

   Hi everyone! I’m sharing with you my new Parsons x Teen Vogue assignment called “Production Costs” part of the third course of “Fashion Production.”  First chart: I calculated my total production cost, the total cost including profit and estimated the retail price of my handcrafted Boho bracelet. The second chart: shows if I wanted to sell a mass quantity of these bracelets. I would sell them at a wholesale price, which is half of our manufacturers suggested retail price, allowing for their profit and possible markdowns. The total cost has decreased significantly earning me a greater profit by lowering … Continue reading Production Costs: Fashion Production

My Ideas: Unconventional Accessories (Thinking like a Designer)

Hi! Will be sharing with you one of my recent assignments in course 2 Thinking like a Designer from Parsons x Teen vogue Program. “Boho Beads” Your Ideas assignment accessories: Metal earrings made with metal washer rings and bracelet made of kitchen twine & Lamp pull chains. The top 2 photos are my inspiration, a zoomed in photo of a beaded belt and my favorite charm necklace. Hope you like it!! If you do ❤️ it! Xoxo    Continue reading My Ideas: Unconventional Accessories (Thinking like a Designer)

Inspiration Explosion: Free Spirit (Thinking like a Designer)

Hi! Sharing to you all one of my assignments in the second course “thinking like a designer” of the parsons teen vogue course. I had a lot of fun grabbing and running around my house at anything that grabbed my attention including jewelry, bags, clothes and objects I’ve made. The black fringe kimono is from forever21 and the crochet top from f21 as well. Also a clay pot I made, a basket I knitted from school and many others such as feathers from my hair accessories and my favorite beaded belt. Also the purple bag is a collection item from … Continue reading Inspiration Explosion: Free Spirit (Thinking like a Designer)